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About the Class

WING CHUN KUEN, A CHINESE MARTIAL ART, utilizes independent and partner exercises to convey its essential principles and methods while developing within its practitioners balance and stability, whole-body coordination, and efficient use of strength. Disciplined and consistent practice will improve one’s health and develop self-confidence.

MEMBERS WILL LEARN the sequences, Siu Nim Tau (小念頭), Cham Kiu (尋橋), Biu Ji (鏢指), Hung Jong (空樁) and Muk Yan Jong (木人樁), and partner exercises, Paak Sau (拍手), Laap Sau (拉手), Man Sau (問手), Saan Sau (散手), Chi Sau (黐手), and Chi Geurk (黐腳). Advanced students will be invited to learn the Wing Chun Kuen implements, Luk Dim Bun Gwan (六點半棍) and Baat Jaam Dou (八斬刀), in a private one-on-one or small-group setting.


Achieve Your Goals

Relieve Stress

Take your mind off the stress of work or school with Wing Chun


Work muscle groups in your arms and legs as you engage in various exercises

Self Defense

Learn concepts and theories to practical techniques for self defense.


Gain mental confidence on handling unpredictable situations in everyday life

OUR WING CHUN KUEN FAMILY: Yip Man – Ho Kam Ming – Rene Ng

Meet The Instructors



Primary Instructor

NATHAN HART, instructor at the San Diego Wing Chun Kuen Martial Arts School, has a background in science and engineering, eastern philosophy and traditional medicines. He studied structural engineering, graduating from the University of Illinois. After a number of years working as an engineer, he returned to college to study Chinese medicine, graduating from the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine.



Assistant Instructor

Working professional and all around good guy, Dwight is a knowledgeable instructor who cares about your learning and success. He ensures your forms are proper, even if it means moving at a slower pace.



Assistant Instructor

Vy is a swift and talented instructor. His smaller size is not to be taken lightly, his form and technique are well developed. He brings an appreciation for students of all sizes and physical abilities.

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Learn New Concepts

THE SAN DIEGO WING CHUN KUEN MARTIAL ARTS SCHOOL welcomes women and men of all ages 12 years and older. No prior experience with martial arts or Wing Chun Kuen is required.

PARTICIPATION and SCHOOL MEMBERSHIP is subject to an instructor’s approval and adherence to the instructors’ expectations. Participants 12 to 17 years of age must have received, before their participation, the consent and approval of a parent or guardian.

Unleash Your Potential


  • Be consistent in attendance.
  • Arrive to scheduled classes and training sessions on time, or offer advance notice of late arrivals or absences.
  • Arrive to classes and training sessions sober, not under the influence of alcohol, marijuana or any other mind or performance altering substance.
  • Be humble, respectful, and kind.
  • Be cooperative.
  • Be diligent in practice.
  • Practice what is taught, and develop the fundamental Wing Chun Kuen skills.
  • Study the Wing Chun Kuen Kyut (咏春拳诀).

What Our Students Are Saying



“The atmosphere is competitive yet friendly. Everyone is hoping to help everyone else learn and succeed.”



“Whether large or small, I learn something new every class. Wing Chun is one of those things that is quick to learn fundamentals, but takes a long time for true mastery.”



“School can get stressful at times, and the students aren’t always forgiving. Wing chun provides a supportive community that helps me train my skills and confidence.”

Live better. Feel better. Gain Knowledge.

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