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Wing Chun Kuen

Chinese Kung Fu in SD

Boost Your Confidence

About the Class

Students with many years of experience to no years of experience are welcomed to train Wing Chun with us in San Diego. Our instructor has trained Wing Chun under the lineage of Ho Kam Ming. All students are treated equally with motivation, encouragement, and respect. Students come from different cultures, beliefs, backgrounds and ages- all are welcome as long as they maintain the level of respect for others. Our class allows students to learn from eachother as much as from the instructors; everyone is accountable for their own- and others success.

Achieve Your Goals

Relieve Stress

Take your mind off the stress of work or school with Wing Chun

Muscle Toning

Work muscle groups in your arms and legs as you engage in various exercises

Self Defense

Learn concepts and theories to practical techniques for self defense.


Gain mental confidence on handling unpredictable situations in everyday life

Join the Wing Chun family and learn the history.

Meet The Instructors



Primary Instructor

Nathan has many years of Wing Chun experience, and is also a certified acupuncturist. He has a good understanding of forms as he has a background as a structural engineer. He desires to see his students excel so that they can challenge his own techniques.



Assistant Instructor

Working professional and all around good guy, Dwight is a knowledgeable instructor who cares about your learning and success. He ensures your forms are proper, even if it means moving at a slower pace.



Assistant Instructor

Vy is a swift and talented instructor. His smaller size is not to be taken lightly, his form and technique are well developed. He brings an appreciation for students of all sizes and physical abilities.

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Learn New Concepts

Wing Chun will teach important high and low level concepts regarding softness, the centerline, and different forms that include movements from which a student can learn. Class sessions combine verbal concepts with physical examples and instruction to help solidify understanding of a concept. Since there is variance in age and size of students, you gain experience working with different types of opponents and energies.

Unleash Your Potential

Wing Chun is a very technical art, meaning that brute strength and size are not key requirements to being a successful student. Concepts encourage good form and structure first, with speed and power deprioritized until structure is mastered. The art, especially for new students, is primarily focused on a close range hand combat scenario. You will learn practical techniques and concepts that you can apply within the first weeks of training, taking the ideas from forms and expanding them into applications.

What Our Students Are Saying



“The atmosphere is competitive yet friendly. Everyone is hoping to help everyone else learn and succeed.”



“Whether large or small, I learn something new every class. Wing Chun is one of those things that is quick to learn fundamentals, but takes a long time for true mastery.”



“School can get stressful at times, and the students aren’t always forgiving. Wing chun provides a supportive community that helps me train my skills and confidence.”

Live better. Look better. Feel better.

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